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When not asking questions leads to judgment

Several years ago, I attended a church with my best friend from college. Overall, I enjoyed the service and appreciated the commitment that the congregation and the leadership had to their beliefs. But I took (and still take issue) with some of the positions the pastor took and their effect on the community at large.

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Who gets to criticize?

By now, most of us are aware of the story of the person who stiffed the waitress at Applebees and left a note saying, “I give God 10 percent Why do you get 18?” and made a point of signing "Pastor" as part of her name. When the picture of what she wrote went viral, she contacted Applebee’s, identified herself as the person who stiffed the waitress (my phrase, not hers obviously) and demanded that the waitress and all the managers be fired for embarrassing!

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The Problem of Inequality in America: Capitalism and the Christian Witness

Six years after the American Revolutionary War, Congressmen from 12 states ratified the United States Constitution. However, the ratification process did not go as smoothly as many would have desired, and several members of congress needed to persuade their constituents. In fact, under the pseudonym Publius, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and John Jay wrote a series of 85 papers to persuade the citizens of New York to vote in favor of the proposed Constitution.

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We can’t blame the “human condition”

I really enjoyed Saturday morning’s Coffee Talk with the panel and the comments of everyone there. The one thing I did leave bothered by was what seemed to me to be a defeatist idea of humankind. I deeply believe that if one person is able to transform their behavior and beliefs then it is an example that the possibility is there for everyone.

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