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Meet Elizabeth Backstrom, reporter

Spokane Faith & Values is proud to add another journalist to its team of writers.

Elizabeth Backstrom studied journalism at Western Washington University and currently works as a content analyst and grant writer in Spokane.

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Spokane clergy hope to work with police

Eleven inter-faith clergy met with six command staff of the Spokane City Police Department on Monday at All Saints Lutheran Church. The discussion centered on the basis of mistrust between the public and the police, and how an inter-faith group could work with SPD in promoting better communications, and relationship building.

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Creation is doing quite well

Our teaching has its roots in the 18th century transcendentalist movement, which was considered pantheistic in its understanding of God; the Universe itself is Spirit manifest. In this regard, I believe that the unfoldment creation is doing quite well.

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God has done a great job

God has done a great job. He/She/It has made a wonderful world beyond our comprehension. Creation is so vast and complex that everything imaginable is possible and yet God has given it a structure that has allowed for predictability within this realm.

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