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Alcoholics Anonymous wrestles with its spiritual roots

BEVERLY, Mass. (RNS) For Alcoholics Anonymous to continue helping addicts find freedom in sobriety, the 75-year-old organization has to reclaim its spiritual roots.
That’s the message coming from reformers who say the group has drifted from core principles and is failing addicts who can’t save themselves.

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An apology from a Christian

Let me start off my first post for Spokane Faith & Values by apologizing.

I’m a Christian. Unfortunately in this day and age, most times this name is spoken it leaves a foul taste in the mouth.

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Food and economy conference coming to Spokane

Lately, I’ve kind of been on somewhat of a learning craze (because I am that boring.) This has mostly entailed podcasts and lots of reading, but also in the next month, two really cool conferences. The first one, this weekend, is PJALS’ Peace and Economic Justice Action Conference. The second, the “Power of Our Regional Food Economy: 2013 Conference” covers a topic that desperately needs addressing, especially in Spokane: the local food economy.

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