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“We are all one”

One of my favorite pictures is of retired mixed martial artist Genki “The Neo Samurai” Sudo, holding a large banner with all of the flags in the world. At the center of the banner are the words “We Are All One.”

Whenever I see people, ordinary citizens and civil servants, rush to help people during a moment of tragedy, I think of Sudo’s words.

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The Boston Marathon, senseless violence and stupid rage

It’s 3:19 p.m. and I’m sitting in a coffee shop. I was going to do some light reading, but the book I brought, Sam Harris’s "Free Will", is on the table, unopened. I’m clicking “refresh” over and over on a Web browser on several different news websites, hoping that one of them is going to post, “UPDATE 3:20 PM: Meaning Behind Tragedy Uncovered, It All Makes Sense Now.”

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