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Not “Woke” Enough

And as I watch a TV show like “A League of Their Own,” I can congratulate myself on my own progressive attitudes, on my “wokeness.” So many of my friends are gay. I know and understand them, I tell myself. I am sympathetic to the challenges they have faced, still face. Yes, I like to think of myself as woke on issues of sexuality and gender identity…until I am called out for representing male, heterosexual privilege by a friend whose criticism is as well-intentioned as it is accurate.

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Christian nationalism goes to the local library

In the case of banning books, Christians who desire to live at peace in a society with variant points of view should not force others to read books only they approve. Rather, they should promote a free society where people can choose what they want to read. That doesn’t mean we agree with everything nor shield the world from our influence, but it does mean we encourage and create safe spaces for peaceful exchanges of ideas.

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Thoughts with No Prayers

The number of dead resulting from gun violence of all kinds is staggering. There were 692 mass shootings in 2021, the most since 2014, when the Gun Violence Archive began keeping records.

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