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100 Seconds to Midnight

Last week, in a speech to his beleaguered countrymen, Putin issued his most serious threats yet to employ nuclear weapons, in the field against Ukrainian forces and against the West should he decide aid to Ukraine threatens Russian regional security or threatens Russian territory.

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United Nations condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine

Despite institutional inadequacies, the scope and extent of the U.N.’s influence throughout our global civilization is beyond comprehension. Just as our own country continuously struggles to unify states, so also has the U.N. struggled to bring nations together. But the trajectory is clear. Last week’s show of unity at the U.N. was unprecedented.

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Mueller’s Indictment and Our Role in Russian Interference

When I first saw the news, I felt a sense of vindication rising up in me. At last, the truth would be revealed, and justice would be served! Then I read the news articles and the full text of the indictment, and my stomach dropped. My sense of self-righteousness was replaced with a sense of embarrassment as I was convicted of my own contributions to the scandal.

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