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Abortion rights is a matter of opinion

There are legislatures that cannot pass budgets that adequately fund public education, health and welfare but have the time to debate laws that have been in effect for 40 years. We have crippling debt from war and we are one of the few, if not only, industrialized countries that still has the death penalty.

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40 years after Roe v. Wade, abortion foes are winning — and losing

Four decades after Roe v. Wade, the landmark Supreme Court ruling that legalized abortion, many opponents of the decision are in a celebratory mood while those backing abortion rights are glum, feeling that momentum is turning decisively against them.

Yet in reality, little has changed in the fiercest and most protracted battle of the nation’s bitter culture war.

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POLL: Are you pro-choice?

It's been 40 years ago since Roe vs. Wade. Yet the anti-abortion/pro-choice debate continues to burn.

Last week the Religion News Service interviewed Russell Moore, dean of the School of Theology at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, about his anti-abortion views

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