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Spokane area clergy show support for Referendum 74

On Tuesday, while Rick Santorum speaks to Referendum 74 opponents at the Double Tree Hotel in Spokane, area clergy will be outside demonstrating their support for the legislation.

"We want the Spokane community to be very clear that there are people of faith in this city that are not afraid to be welcoming and inclusive and encouraging with all of God's children, and that’s a really important and loud message that we want to be heard tomorrow," said The Rev. Paul Rodkey of Bethany Presbyterian Church.

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Spokane leaders discuss gay marriage

This week Rotary Club 21 in downtown Spokane hosted a “leadership dialogue” featuring Bishop Blase Cupich, of the Catholic Diocese of Spokane and Spokane City Councilman Jon Snyder. The topic was referendum 74 dealing with marriage equality.

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Affirming Referendum 74

This year, voters in Washington state have the chance for vote on Referendum 74, which if passed would affirm the legality of gay marriage in our state. I’m a Christian. I’m also voting YES on this ballot measure, and I’d like to tell you why.

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