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What is Just?

My hope is that as the world is changed through protests they may help bring us closer to the kingdom of God that Jesus declared.

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Bodies on the Line

Guest Column by Jake Jacobs I’ve found myself thinking a lot about Eric Blauer’s post from two weeks ago, “The Boobie Bandit Steals Jesus.”  The image he paints of a bare-chested woman snatching the infant Jesus from a creche in St. Peter’s square is captivating. In the rest of the …

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Tikkun olam and righteous anger

A great many Jews, religious and secular alike, feel inspired by the Jewish concept of tikkun olam: our collective duty to help heal the world. Like many other progressive concepts, tikkun olam can easily be caricatured as a “nice” thing to do rather than a good thing. Awww, those B’nai Mitzvah students are picking up litter in the park — isn’t that nice! In this formulation, “nice” is code for gestural, temporary and ultimately ineffectual.

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