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“Prayer is my communion”

You might be deemed foolish by friends or acquaintances if you say you “pray.”  But what do they know of how I “pray,” how you “pray?”  There are too many stereotypes and distortions about praying and they may not be what I mean at all when I say I “pray.”

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9 perspectives on prayer – how often do you pray?

Prayer: For some, it is at the core of their daily routine. For others, it is a desperate reach for reassurance. And for still others, it is something to be avoided. Just looking through our own archives, we found several different perspectives. "I pray so that I may live, truly and gratefully."

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Help me pray

When I lie in bed at night unable to sleep because of the intrusive thoughts that tool around in my head, I want to know that someone, something, hears me, but I’m always met with silence.

I’m not looking to be Julian of Norwich or Joan of Arc.

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