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Are our words ever pointless?

I’ll admit I occasionally look at Twitter while I am at work.  And sometimes (just sometimes), I like to click links and read articles or see the photos of the “top 10 best and worst” of (fill in the blank).  While this is clearly not the best use of my time, I never let it get in the way of what I need to get done on any given day.

Today, I happened to click on a link for the “World’s Most Pointless Protest Signs.”

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Transcending personal beliefs, part 3

Continuing with the question of the possibility of transcending personal beliefs, and the need to do so to discover another’s humanity, I delve into John R. Searle’s theories of language and mind.

Have you ever considered how your language skills have evolved? From crying and screaming to understanding the alphabet. From cooing and mumbling to building words with letters.

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