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Can the pope snap us out of psychosis?

As Pope Francis reveals the dilemma we face as humanity the lovers of money and the minions thereof will scurry like roaches when the light of truth is turned on and will vehemently defend and deny what does not correlate to a preconceived notion based on the political support of an economic fallacy.

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Pope Francis says church must welcome divorced, remarried Catholics

Speaking out on one of the most contentious issues of his papacy, Pope Francis on Wednesday (Aug. 5) issued a powerful call for the church to embrace Catholics who have divorced and remarried, telling a gathering at the Vatican that such couples “are not excommunicated, and they absolutely must not be treated that way!”

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Pope Francis’ approval ratings slump sharply in U.S.

Growing conservative disaffection with Pope Francis appears to be taking a toll on his once teflon-grade popularity in the U.S., with a new Gallup poll showing the pontiff’s favorability rating among all Americans dropping to 59 percent from a 76 percent peak early last year.

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