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Ask A Mormon: How do Mormons feel about Trump, Hillary?

Mormons are one of the most reliably Republican demographics in the United States, and have been for a good 50 years or so. In normal campaign seasons, Republican candidates often take the Mormon vote for granted and Democratic candidates usually decide it’s not worth expending effort in heavily LDS areas where they are guaranteed to lose anyway. The last few presidential election cycles, however, Mormons have been in the spotlight far more than normal.

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Ask A Mormon: Why Salt Lake?

Salt Lake City, Utah was founded in 1847 when Mormon pioneers first settled the area, and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has been headquartered there ever since.

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The truest GOP believers? Mormons

Mormons lean more heavily toward the Republican Party than any other major demographic group — whether clustered by race, age, gender, educational attainment or religion.

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