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How much is enough?

One of the perennial quandaries for most people of faith is "How much is enough?" Most major world religions have some sort of message that ethical values include living simply, not working to amass large amounts of wealth, helping out those less well off or less able.

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Money, ethics and the U.S. government shutdown

The issue of money and ethics within secular and theological communities has always been an interesting, controversial discussion. Despite the differing views, one thing remains consistent in that people are incredibly awkward and hesitant about money: how they spend their money, how much money they make, how other people should make and/or spend their money and so on.

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Why the economic system in the U.S. no longer works

The economic system we have in this world no longer works … if it ever did. I know, I know … Rush Limbaugh says, “it works everywhere, it’s been tried.” So of course we, who benefit from the system, believe what we are told and on and on the juggernaut marches, killing the world, crushing human spirit and making a very few people wealthy.

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