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What’s Love Got to Do with It?

It’s that time of year — the “love” holiday is just around the corner — Valentine’s Day. I’ve never been a fan of this made-up excuse to entice (pressure?) people (mostly men) to spend silly amounts of money on silly things to prove just how loved their partner is. There are saccharine words and images on cards, pounds of candy, overpriced, crowded and understaffed restaurants selling a night of romance and ostentatious displays of flowers, worst of all, delivered to the partner’s place of work.

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The Sunday the Christmas Tree Fell

My memory is fresh about the second Sunday of Advent, 1969. A young pastor, I was serving my first solo church appointment. Our congregation had decorated the sanctuary for Advent and Christmas, including a Christmas tree standing between the pulpit and the first row of pews.

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FaVS Coffee Talk: Love & Loneliness in the Pandemic

Join us for this online only Coffee Talk. Millions have suffered loneliness throughout the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, while others have found romance in the midst of the global disorder. On Feb. 5 our Coffee Talk panelists will share their stories, or speak to how they’ve navigated loneliness, grief and love …

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