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Gay Pride isn’t a sign of the End Times

My friend and other Christians hold this belief – that the increased prevalence of gay pride is a sign of the End Times – but it is a misconception.

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LGBT relationships aren’t sinful

To their credit, many churches are learning about the psychology of sexual orientation and the experiences of the LGBTQ+ community, and are consequently becoming more nuanced in their teachings on this subject.

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I’m too busy for your rules

The rules that many different faith traditions have used to bar the LGBTQ+ community from membership, the trauma that the Christian church especially has caused, and the pain and suffering that people who call themselves followers of a loving God have heaped on queer folks, keeps me too busy to waste time writing about it.

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Ask A Mormon: The church, families and homosexuality

The LDS Church has been clear on its position that same-sex marriage is a serious sin, and it will disqualify a person for membership in the LDS Church. So questions and concerns about what this means for children of same-sex couples who may want to be baptized into the LDS Church are definitely valid.

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