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Rethinking repentance, recognizing the impact of human actions

A primary theme of our current liturgical season, Lent, is repentance. Unfortunately, we have come to think of repentance in a narrow way — as experiencing guilt and remorse for our mistakes. This is not what the word meant in the original Greek, and probably not what Jesus
meant when he used it in this context. Rather, in the original Greek, the word “repent” meant to go beyond the mind that you have.

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Helping others this Lenten season

I’ll be honest , I do not think giving up soda or coffee is an effective way to allow God to manifest in our lives. Sorry, depriving your body of caffeine for 40-something days probably will not lead to a greater devotion to God.  If anything, it will lead to distraction based on one’s constant desire for coffee.

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What is Lent, anyway?

This week we begin the liturgical season of Lent. Let's talk a bit about the history, purpose and practices of Lent.

Lent is a period of 40 days set aside to spiritually prepare for Easter.

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