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BRIEF: Spokane woman plans to walk to end death penalty

Beginning Sept. 3 Spokane resident Victoria Thorpe will lead an 18 and-a-half-day walk across the state to advocate for the abolition of the death penalty.

"Its purpose is to draw attention to the failure of the death penalty system; not only on the factual level, but as a tool designed to preserve our humanity it has only taken us further away," she said in a letter.

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Why Fagan cares about bikini baristas

City Councilman Mike Fagan is up in arms over bikini baristas. Bikini baristas are up in arms over Fagan’s newest proposal. The Councilman representing the 1st City Council District (U-District all the way up to Hillyard) wants to require a minimum clothing regulation or move to zoned “adult business” areas.

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Four reasons Christians should support a pathway to citizenship

 The summer that once sizzled with expectation over the possible passage of comprehensive immigration reform will now fizzle into a five-week Congressional recess. Insiders say the chances Congress will pass sweeping reform this year is just north of nil. Fifty-three percent of voters prefer Speaker Boehner’s piecemeal approach, which would attempt to chop it up into a series of smaller bills.

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Residents rally for immigration reform

Local activists gathered at Riverside Park on Saturday to send one message to lawmakers — pass immigration reform laws that will keep families together.

David Brookbank, a social worker and human rights advocate, said many of those who have been deemed “illegals” by the U.S. government, should have been brought into the country as refugees...

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