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Catholic population surges across the Global South

VATICAN CITY (RNS) Gains in Asia and Africa are making up for losses in Europe among the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics, according to Vatican statistics released Monday (May 13), signaling a shift of the church’s center of gravity toward the Global South that was heralded by the election of the first Latin American pope.

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Dalai Lama says affection can change the world

After spending three days listening to His Holiness the Dalai Lama teach in Oregon, the Venerable Thubten Jampa, of Sravasti Abbey, is still processing the experience.
“What I really found amazing,” she said, “was when he went to leave, then turned back, and said ‘I’m the same as you. You have the same potential I have.’”

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Dalai Lama urges media to educate the public

PORTLAND — Before taking questions from the press Saturday morning, the Dalai Lama had something to say.

Pointing to eager reporters in the room he said, “We are all part of humanity,” reminding them that they, too, are responsible for making change.

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