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Bringing Celtic spirituality to Spokane

Though the church service held many similar elements to others — prayers, worship songs and communion — two differences stood out. The service was a Celtic Eucharist and is an original creation of the Rev. Elaine Breckenridge.

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Did Pope Francis change church teaching on homosexuality?

With his open and easygoing manner, Pope Francis charmed the media as much as the faithful during his successful visit to Brazil, the first international pilgrimage of his pontificate.

But it was the pope’s remarks about gay priests, made during a free-wheeling press conference on the return trip to Rome, that drew the most headlines, raising questions about whether the pontiff was signaling a change in the church’s approach to this volatile issue.

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Survey: Clergy show high stress levels

A recent study by the United Methodist Board of Pension and Health Benefits showed that the a significant number of United Methodist clergy consider their jobs stressful.

Of those surveyed, 5 percent suffer from depression

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