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Creating Our Own Sacred Spaces

My church, like most, closed its doors in 2020 asking people to stay home and stay healthy. Without my weekly worship service, I worried that I might find myself drifting from the anchor that those special meetings give me. The opposite happened. My teenage son and I held our own Sunday service, complete with hymns, the sacrament and uplifting messages. It was a time never to be forgotten. We were more personally engaged in our worship. It was closer to our hearts and minds, and we felt the Lord was watching over us.

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A ministry of members: Why Mormons spend so much time at church

In my last article, I explained why members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are called Mormons. Today, I thought I would answer a question my friends and acquaintances sometimes have when I mention a church commitment. They look at me with wonder as if to say, “Why are you always doing something at church?”

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