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Identity vs. Crisis

In using the power of discernment, logic and faith as the defining paradigm, the focal point is the relationship between created and creator. Given you are light, the question becomes where do you shine? Not vocationally but socially. Social behavior defines your identity. Recent news demonstrates that.

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Don’t blink, you’ll miss it

Did we turn the corner and I missed it? Given all the attention to religious freedom and same sex marriage we must have forgotten the “seek first the Kingdom” thing somewhere along the way and moved on to the religious hot button issue du jure.

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Materialism vs. morality

Luke 16:1-13, commonly referred to as the Parable of the Dishonest Steward, is taken from a section in the Gospel of Luke that includes a series of parables. In the text immediately preceding this passage, for example, we had the Parable of the Lost Sheep,  the Parable of the Lost Coin  and the Parable of …

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