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At Temple Beth Shalom: Standing in Solidarity

The Sh’ma, as it sometimes called, is the essence of Judaism, so why were so many non-Jews saying it? Because of one atrocious act of hate, a swastika painted on the temple sometime during High Holy Day services, because of that we were all here together.

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Harry Potter and the Fandom Bat Mitzvah

I vividly remember objecting when our twin daughters were about 8 or 9 years old and asked about a Harry Potter themed b’not mitzvah (b’not is the plural of bat). I argued, “Absolutely not. Harry Potter has nothing to do with Judaism.

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Denominational dilemmas of an interfaith life

Although I have known and admired many Jews who might call themselves traditional, I’m not likely ever to do so myself. As I understand it, Hyphen’s worldview may represent Conservative Judaism more than mine, which skews Reform (if we’re handing out labels).

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