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POLL: Do you believe in the Virgin Birth?

The Annunciation

John Dominic Crossan will be giving lectures in Spokane and Coeur d'Alene this week. He's a controversial theologian because he's said that Jesus' miracles were likely actually parables, that he doesn't believe in the resurrection and there's no evidence of the Virgin Birth.

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Shake the dust off your feet and enter into life’s woes

Syria’s actions and how the world should respond to them continue to dominate the headlines. In the wake of Syria and all pockets of violence, oppression and conflict throughout our globe — even within my small neighborhood of nine houses where fights escalate over property lines, barking dogs, pooping dogs, divorce and kids — the old saying “shake the dust off your feet” comes to mind.

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In one sense, God shows favor

Well in one sense, God has favor towards everyone through Jesus Christ because He gave everyone a chance to be reconciled back to him instead of letting sin remain a permanent barrier between both parties. Some people make the argument that God's love is conditional because you have to believe in Jesus Christ but that's not what Scripture communicates.

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There is a non-violent solution

The 12th anniversary of 9/11 is upon us and our country is on the brink of taking military action against Syria. It makes me wonder if the powers that be (Obama, Kerry, Congress) ever think about responding to evil in the world without using violence.

In the spring, my small group bible study completed a DVD study called “Jesus, Bombs & Ice Cream.”

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