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Mahsa Amini’s death and the plight of Muslim women around the world between their own moral compasses and a morality police

Mahsa Amini

There has never been a balance when it comes to a Muslim woman's personal dress code choice. This and thoughts like these came to my naïve mind when I heard the news on Mahsa Amini, the Iranian girl who was arrested, detained and then died after being beaten by the morality police for violating Iran’s dress code law. Amini was a young girl of Kurdish ethnicity who was merely visiting Tehran.

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Soleimani’s death an opportunity to grieve for your enemies

As I walked through the icy streets—thinking of how much harder it was for King to march given the violences that threatened and ultimate stole life—I imagined Soleimani. I held Soleimani in my thoughts and in my heart and said to myself, through my ignorance and the unconscionable evil he committed, “I love you, Qasem. God teach me to love you.”

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BRIEF: Founder of Iran Alive Ministries coming to Spokane

Pastor Hormoz Shariat, known as the "Billy Graham of Iran" will be speaking in Spokane this week about his evangelism work in the Middle East and Europe.

He is the founder of Iran Alive Ministries, which focuses on viral evangelism, obedience-based discipleship and practical leadership development with the hopes of transforming Iran.

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