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The bias behind Immigration Reform

I have to say I am glad that this type of immigration reform was not created in the late 1800’s or early 1900’s or I would not be here. One of my grandfathers came from Poland just after World War 1 and the other had parents who moved from Canada and then left him an orphan in Texas. I also have a large branch of the family that is one-half French Canadian.

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Immigration reform gets personal for evangelicals

For Southern Baptist Pastor David Uth, immigration reform became a priority after a family in his Orlando, Fla., megachurch faced deportation.

Bishop Ricardo McClin says it was time to speak up when members of a Church of God congregation he oversaw stopped worshipping in Jacksonville, Fla., because they feared detention.

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Evangelicals press Congress on immigration

Evangelical activists are pressing Congress to pass a comprehensive immigration reform plan — a tricky election-year issue that conservatives' GOP allies have been reluctant to take up.
The so-called “Evangelical Immigration Table,” which includes evangelicals Jim Wallis on the left and Richard Land on the right, unveiled its plan Tuesday (June 12) on Capitol Hill.

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Looking at immigration from a biblical perspective

Welcome back!   I hope the previous posts have helped clear some misconceptions about immigration policy in the United States.   Today we are looking at answer to some common Biblical questions about immigration.   What does the Bible say regarding the way that we think about immigration issues?   …

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