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Four reasons Christians should support a pathway to citizenship

 The summer that once sizzled with expectation over the possible passage of comprehensive immigration reform will now fizzle into a five-week Congressional recess. Insiders say the chances Congress will pass sweeping reform this year is just north of nil. Fifty-three percent of voters prefer Speaker Boehner’s piecemeal approach, which would attempt to chop it up into a series of smaller bills.

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The bias behind Immigration Reform

I have to say I am glad that this type of immigration reform was not created in the late 1800’s or early 1900’s or I would not be here. One of my grandfathers came from Poland just after World War 1 and the other had parents who moved from Canada and then left him an orphan in Texas. I also have a large branch of the family that is one-half French Canadian.

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Immigration reform gets personal for evangelicals

For Southern Baptist Pastor David Uth, immigration reform became a priority after a family in his Orlando, Fla., megachurch faced deportation.

Bishop Ricardo McClin says it was time to speak up when members of a Church of God congregation he oversaw stopped worshipping in Jacksonville, Fla., because they feared detention.

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