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Hispanic Christians press lawmakers on immigration reform

WASHINGTON (RNS) With a July 4 deadline looming for an immigration reform vote on Capitol Hill, politicians and clergy at the National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast Thursday (June 20) pushed lawmakers to reach common ground.

“It’s the right thing to do, it’s the Christian thing to do but it’s also an incredibly practical thing to do,” said Vice President Joe Biden, addressing about 550 attendees.

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The bias behind Immigration Reform

I have to say I am glad that this type of immigration reform was not created in the late 1800’s or early 1900’s or I would not be here. One of my grandfathers came from Poland just after World War 1 and the other had parents who moved from Canada and then left him an orphan in Texas. I also have a large branch of the family that is one-half French Canadian.

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Immigration laws should keep families together

One of the most important evidences of our faith and morality is how we treat our fellow human beings, so I believe that any effort to resolve immigration issues must be approach first and foremost from that perspective. We are all God's children and need to treat each other accordingly.  Secondly, families are fundamental; immigration laws and enforcement should do everything possible to keep families together.

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