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Fully Alive: Managing Anxiety with Nature and Grace

Immaculate Heart Retreat Center will be holding a 24–Hour Retreat on Relieving Anxiety and Trauma. The retreat will be led by Teresa Warren, LMHC, NCC & Michael D’Esterre, MWS, LICSW This retreat workshop is designed for women to recall their purpose and re-tool for making disciples in this time and …

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How to Navigate Prayer in Our Busy Lives

Immaculate Heart Retreat Center will be hosting a Silent Day of Prayer on Listening and Mindfulness directed by Fr. Mike Kwiatowski. This day will focus on increasing our awareness of Christ each day through calm mindfulness and listening. Father will discuss various ways and tools to accomplish this, and bring …

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Praying with Christ in the Liturgy of the Hours

Immaculate Heart Retreat Center will be holding a Liturgy of the Hours Retreat led by Fr. Rory Pitstick, Ph. D. In the years before electronic tablets, clergy and religious were often seen carrying a well-worn book, which most people assumed was the Bible, but more often than not, was actually …

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The Gospel in a Nutshell – a Kernel of Truth

Immaculate Heart Retreat Center will be holding a Summertime Spiritual Moment led by Fr. Mike Savelesky and will begin with Mass. Nowadays the great majority of us Christians take for granted the saving dynamic of God’s Good News. A din of competing voices and packaged answers to life’s deep questions …

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Barbecue with Bishop Emeritus Skylstad

Immaculate Heart Retreat Center will offer an opportunity to enjoy a “Barbecue with Bishop Emeritus Skylstad” this summer. On Monday, June 11, 2018, his topic will be: Where are We Going? “We live in a complex world and a complex Church.” Beginning at 5:30 P.M. with Mass and ending at …

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