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Intolerance to Heal Intolerance

About half of our country has over looked cruelty, lies, authoritarianism, white supremacy, and Christian Dominionism to vote for candidates who promise them wealth and power. We must say, “Stop It!”

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Rachel’s Vineyard Weekend Healing Retreat

For those with post-abortion suffering to examine their experience, identify its impact and address unresolved feelings. The retreat includes active scripture, the sacraments and on-site therapists. To register call 509-994-4355 or healing@rvspokane.org.

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The Church Is a Place for Healing

I am sorry that so many of us have deeply internalized the message that we mustn’t let anyone know when we are in a place of grief or disorientation or lostness. I am especially sorry when we feel that we cannot share these things at church, that the church is not a place in which we can be physically or emotionally or spiritually wounded, that we need to be whole and healthy before we show up in God’s house.

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