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POLL: Should the Boy Scouts lift its ban on gays?

On Thursday the National Council of the Boy Scouts of America will decide whether or not it should change its policy which currently forbids openly gay scouts to participate in scouting troops across the country.

The proposal will be put before roughly 1,400 voting members at a meeting in Texas.

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BRIEF: Community of Christ recommends ordination of gay people, same-sex marriage

At last month's USA National Conference of the Community of Christ policy changes were recommended that would allow for the ordination of gay people and marriages or covenant commitment services of gay couples.

At the conference, which was held in Kansas City and attracted about 2,000 people, it was recommended that the sacrament of marriage be offered to people wanting a committed relationship, regardless of sexuality, in states where same sex marriage is legal.

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Discussing the intersection of Judaism and feminism

Judaic scholar Andrea Lieber concluded her visit to Gonzaga University Monday evening by discussing the intersection of feminism and Judaism and examining ways the faith is evolving when it comes to gender roles, as well as ways it continues to grapple with traditional customs.

Lieber is a professor of religious studies at Dickinson College and author of “The Essential Guide to Jewish Prayer and Practices.”

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Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby puts focus on ‘reconciliation’

COVENTRY, England (RNS) As the new archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby is spiritual leader to nearly 80 million Anglicans around the world. Now, after being officially enthroned on Thursday (March 21), the 57-year-old former oil executive faces a monumental challenge: helping the Anglican Communion stay together amid profound differences over theology, gender and sexuality.

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