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Our capacity to connect

Somewhere across the years, however – sometime during that melancholic and hard and, I suppose, necessary process that we call growing up – most of us lose the ability to make friends with such rapidity and such ease. We became cautious, guarded, reserved.

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When friendships bring us closer to God

In every local congregation of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, under the direction of the Relief Society president, each willing adult woman is paired with another woman and together they are given a list of three or four (or sometimes more) other women in the ward to visit, serve, and care for.  This program is called “visiting teaching” and it often includes a monthly visit to discuss a Gospel message, but can also manifest as friendly phone calls, swapping babysitting, meeting up for lunch, bringing over freezer meals after a birth or during an illness, or just having a familiar face to greet in the halls at church.

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