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What is compassion?

All the religions and most of the philosophies encourage compassion, though it’s known by many names, explanations and scriptural references.

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Meet John Hancock, our compassion writer

Please welcome John Hancock to the team of SpokaneFAVS writers. Hancock is the founder of Friends of Compassion, a group that met regularly throughout Spokane for numerous years, and he plans to write about compassion for SpokaneFAVS.

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Applications of Compassion

Compassion is an inner attitude; it exists in our hearts and minds. We are beings who also have bodies and verbally communicate with others. How can we reflect our compassion
— our physical and verbal actions — and how can we apply compassion to other areas of our lives?

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BRIEF: Group to discuss Catholic compassion

On June 19, at 7 p.m., Friends of Compassion will meet to discussion "Catholic Compassion: Practices and Motivation."

The meeting will be in the SNAP Buildling, 3102 W. Ft. George Drive.

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Group wrestles with ethics of assisted suicide

Physician assisted suicide has been legal in Washington, Oregon and Montana for some years now, but the ethical dilemmas surrounding the law continue to be a struggle for many Americans.

At its monthly meeting Wednesday night, members of the Friends of Compassion discussed those dilemmas, including the ways faith plays a role in euthanasia.

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