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God knows we need community

We want to have it all together and try to fool God — whatever form God takes in our lives — into believing that we have it all together. The truth, though, is that God recognizes that we are in need of healing, whether we make that clear or not.

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How to ask for help

When do we ask for help? I have often thought about this question. For various reasons, life becomes overwhelming. We struggle and suffer under seemingly impossible trials at one time or another.

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Non-violent parenting, non-violent village

My dad would often tell me, "You'll never quite understand my love for you until you are older and have little ones of your own." Like any good teenager, I would contradict his statement, rejecting the notion that parental love was different. But oh, the truth our forebears hold! Sure enough, I now have a little one I love in a unique and immensely strong way. Dad was right.

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True Love – possible, not possible?

This weekend I added an event to my calendar for Feb. 14. And it reminded me that I’ve spent most Valentine’s Days alone. It got me to thinking about a book we read for a monthly book group called all about love: "New Visions" by Bell Hooks.

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