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Divine “Dinnsperation”

Few things are more perilous than a vehicle full of hungry toddlers, teenagers and their dad. It takes multiple promises of a 60-second-dinner-on-the-table-once-we-get-home to keep tempers at bay and to keep them from spending $60 at a restaurant for a less than fabulous meal.

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Traditional Christianity thrives in southeastern Kansas

I pack a few clothes and my mp3 player to board the plane for southeastern Kansas. My great-grandfather Henry and his family packed everything they owned on a train. They stopped and purchased land because there was a Lutheran Church, and so my Grandfather Erwin grew up on the farm. He left to become a German professor, and today I know almost nothing about farming.

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Have the talk

I will never have to have the talk. As the parent of a white child, I will never have to sit my son down and explain in painful detail how he may be unjustly targeted by police and neighborhood watch-folk, how his community may view him as a threat before he ever speaks.

Sure, I will talk to my son about sex. Drugs. War. Unbridled capitalism.

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Libido high, libido low: a Christian perspective on unequal desire in the bedroom

It’s the blessed marriage where both partners have equal sexual expectations. They both desire to engage in sexual intimacy at the same frequency. However, I would venture to say that there are a higher number of marriages that have mismatched sexual frequency expectations or desire discrepancy.
This leads to one spouse being the lower drive and one spouse being the higher drive.

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