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Eating encourages effective interfaith interactions

On Sunday afternoon, I joined my mom, my sister and my sister's husband at the first (hopefully annual - or even more frequent?) Faith Feast: An Intercultural Progressive Dinner, put on by Spokane Faith and Values, a non-profit dedicated to increasing interfaith communication and understanding.
I've been interested in interfaith work for years, an interest that was piqued, though not initiated, by Project Conversion

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Faith Feast: Experience local food

The Rev. Craig Goodwin, pastor of Millwood Community Presbyterian Church, is proud to be locavore. In 2008 he and his family spent one year consuming only was is local, used, homegrown or homemade. He wrote about this journey in “Year of Plenty” and preaches it to his congregation.

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Faith Feast: Experience the Sikhs

Join us for a vegetarian meal during Fatih Feast: An Intercultural Progressive Dinner this Sunday. We'll have halal appetizers at the Spokane Islamic Center, then entrees at the Sikh Temple, then dessert at Millwood Community Presbyterian Church.

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Faith Feast: Experience Islam

Food that meets general Islamic dietary guidelines is called halal, which is what we’ll be eating during the appetizer portion during Faith Feast: an Intercultural Progressive Dinner.

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