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God and Evolution: A Response to Greta Christina

On Greta Christina's Point No. 1, that the process of evolution is without direction and therefore "God" would not direct, I would say that a creator-deity would be involved, to the extent that Existence Itself is summoned into Existence and that may mean a multiplicity of universes and that we happen to find ourselves in one of these, where there is terrible suffering and brutality.

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September Coffee Talk: Reconciling Religion & Science

“Reconciling Faith & Science” Indaba Coffee Bar, 10 a.m. “Handling the tensions surrounding physics and Christianity” By Kamesh Sankaran My purpose here is to share how I view my profession as a professor of physics through the lens of my profession of a Christian faith. (Read More) “There’s hope for reconciling …

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Dark energy is the real deal (or not?)

A team of physicists announced last week, after a two-year study, that they’re 99.996 percent sure dark energy is real. So what is it that they’re so sure about?
At the turn of the last century, most astronomers believed the universe was neither expanding nor contracting.

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