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Overzealous evangelists?

Fundamentalist Christians have for some time insisted that the decline in the traditional Mainline Churches – (United Methodist, Episcopal, Presbyterian, Lutheran (ELCA), to name a few – is due to the 'liberal' leanings of those churches; to our lack of commitment to biblical fundamentals.

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Is Christianity an infomercial, or a spider web conversation?

I’ve been asked about the connection between “belligerent evangelism” — the 19th century kind that may have been practiced by Presbyterian missionary, Henry Spalding — and the monstrous issue of “commercialism and the commodification of the Gospel” that may or may not plague the North American Church today.

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Catholics try their hand at old-fashioned evangelism

On a recent rainy Saturday, about 125 Catholics packed a basement conference room, many of them older, most of them lay people. Many were representing their parishes.
They gathered here to learn how to spread the faith, a concept that is both fundamental to Christianity and nearly foreign to modern Roman Catholics.

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