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Values Have Roots

My personal values derive almost entirely from family. If you think about it, that is probably true in your lives as well. When you strip away the noise, family always matters most.

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Living the Mysteries

As a rule, mysteries are my novels of choice. But lately, a friend has been giving me other books that have no semblance of mystery in the sense of a genre; rather, mysteries of life. Two have had a profound influence on my thinking during the past month.

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Changing Our Minds: The Ethics of Brain Enhancement

Tuesday, March 8, 6 p.m., online via Zoom. A wave of new technologies could allow us to become smarter, calmer, happier—even more ethical. Gene editing, pharmaceuticals, and computer tissue implants could provide our brains with an upgrade. But should they? Most of us feel uneasy with the idea of artificially …

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When is a leak ethical?

I would argue that because of the broad scope of their leaks, the disclosures had the potential to cause greater harm than more limited leaks – an important factor that scholars weigh in when measuring the ethics of leaking.

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