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The Church Is a Place for Healing

I am sorry that so many of us have deeply internalized the message that we mustn’t let anyone know when we are in a place of grief or disorientation or lostness. I am especially sorry when we feel that we cannot share these things at church, that the church is not a place in which we can be physically or emotionally or spiritually wounded, that we need to be whole and healthy before we show up in God’s house.

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Mother May I (Call you Mother)?

Ryan wants me to pray for him because he is going to the hospital to have a bionic spine installed. Ryan lives at Mallon Place — a home for the mentally ill a few blocks from West Central Episcopal Mission. He has schizophrenia. He neither knows nor cares how to properly address a priest. He only cares that I pray for him.

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Holy Trinity, Sunnyside helps build cathedral in South Sudan

The Rev. Abraham Yel Nhial spends much of his time in exile. Forced out of Sudan in 1989 due to civil war, Nhial spent the next 14 years living in refugee camps in Ethiopia and Kenya until he was selected — along with 4,000 other “Lost Boys” — to immigrate to the U.S. in 2001.

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