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Journey to the Cross begins today

Al Shrock doesn’t watch the scene before him any longer. Instead he stands in the corner, engineers the hydraulics and surveys the crowd as they step into Golgotha.

Roman soldiers hiss as they force a bloodstained Jesus onto a cross and nail spikes through his hands. Shrock maneuvers the hydraulics, which he built, raising the cross against the red-lit sky.

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Ask the Experts: Easter edition

In our inaugural edition of Ask the Experts, we tackled questions about the history, theology and traditions of Christmas. This time, we’re looking at Easter.
Special thanks to our readers for sending in such great questions, and to the scholars for taking time from their busy holiday schedules to answer them.

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The God of the gaps

“Where God tears great gaps we should not try to fill them with human words. They should remain open. Our only comfort is the God of the resurrection, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ” -Dietrich Bonhoeffer This was one of the quotes I used Sunday in my Easter message …

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