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The Second Coming is metaphorical

I think it's metaphorical for the end of our human life individually — we come into being with God — but not a Scriptural literalist with the ideas of Armageddon and the end of the world period.

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The apocalypse will be caused by humans

If by “Second Coming” we mean the appearance of Jesus on the clouds of heaven, supported by some sort of celestial army come to destroy all the evil people and preserve all the good, something of that sort, then no, I do not believe that will happen.

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Join us today for Coffee Talk!

As people of faith, is it OK to be mad at times? Anger seems to contradict our behavioral expectations. Does being nice equate being good?

Join us at Indaba Coffee at 10 a.m. Aug. 3 for our next Coffee Talk

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Righteous anger

From a Buddhist perspective, I could keep this short and sweet, and regurgitate the words that “righteous anger” is part of the “three poisons” in Buddhism — greed, hatred, and ignorance —end of conversation.

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