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Greek Orthodox Holy Week begins Sunday

For many Christians Palm Sunday was last weekend. But for the Orthodox Church community, this Sunday will mark the beginning of Holy Week. The Orthodox Church calendar begins on Sept. 1 and ends on Aug. 31.  Easter is determined on the vernal equinox and the phase of the moon. It …

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What are we crying out for?

On Palm Sunday we witnessed the waving of palms in memory of Jesus's entry into Jerusalem and in anticipation of the coming fullness of that Kingdom (Rev.7:9). The crowd shouted Hosanna, a phrase that pleads and prays for God to “Save Now”. It's a dangerous cry. A politically subversive one …

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Passover traditions reflect ethnic, regional customs

When most Jewish families sit down for the Passover seder on Friday (April 6), it's a safe bet that they'll eat matzo, ask the traditional Four Questions and tell the biblical story of the Exodus from Egypt.     It's less likely that they'll be hitting one another with scallions. Or …

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Buddhist, Christian holiday fall on same day this year

This April 8, while millions (dare I say billions) of Christians around the world celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, thousands (dare I say millions) of Buddhists will be celebrating the birth of Buddha. In a somewhat infrequent confluence of holy events, Easter Sunday this year corresponds perfectly with the …

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The night we betray Jesus

The Easter Holy Week is almost here and it’s often forgotten that one of the central themes of the Gospel story is our betrayal of Jesus. Many Christians memorialize the last days of Jesus by practicing foot washing, celebrating the Eucharist and spending time singing hymns and praying together as …

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Fearing the Lord

The townspeople came to joke that they could set their clocks by the professor’s afternoon walk. Immanuel Kant was so regular with his walks he became as predictable as the spring flowers in Königsberg. His philosophical work, on the  hand, dropped onto Western thought with a mushroom cloud of destruction, …

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