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Huckle Bearies

I recall a real Montana mountain experience I once had. We went huckleberry pickin'. Yup, drove for an hour and a half to the backside of the mountains.

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Being Jewish in Spokane

Back when I lived in Seattle, I wrote for a blog called Jew-ish.com. My editor there, Leyna Krow, moved to Spokane in the fall of 2010 for graduate school. A few months later, she posted a brief essay titled “Feeling way too Jewish in Spokane."

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Muslims enter holy month of Ramadan

With this morning’s rising sun dawned the Islamic month of Ramadan — a sacred time for Muslims to commemorate when the Quran’s scriptures were first revealed to the Prophet Muhammad.

From now until Aug. 19 Muslims will fast from sunup until sundown.

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The Christian blogosphere’s been busy

The Christian blogosphere has been busy these last few days, as one of us after another has weighed in on Ross Douthat’s New York Times Article, “Can Liberal Christianity be Saved?” Some of the reflections have been insightful — see, in particular, Diana Butler Bass’ argument that Douthat has misread the data and, thereby, incorrectly confined a broad decline in American Christianity to certain denominations.

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Being Pagan

There's something to be said about being Pagan in a world where being Pagan makes you an automatic Satanist. I'm originally from Southern California.

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