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Making ripples through humanity

When a water drop hits the surface of a pool we see it being absorbed by the surface and becoming a part of the greater pool. With the advent of extreme slow motion we see that the drop actually bounces a couple times to break the surface tension before it is able to be absorbed.

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Through interfaith dialogue I learn the most

In attending churches and activities for faiths other than my own I have found that it is through interfaith dialogue, panels, and one on one discussion that I learn the most. I may never “understand” a faith path but what I can do is learn the underlying teaching and respect the
beliefs of that path

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My sample is wide

My conclusion is that the spiritual “fault line” (if you will allow me a geological metaphor) is not best or most accurately drawn along the lines of which religion a person practices, as if the real issue in the religious and spiritual world today were whether or not a person is a Christian, a Jew, a Muslim or a Buddhist.

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