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God sounds like anyone speaking from their heart

Many years ago I was sitting in the high mountains of the Trinity Alps (CA) and heard a train coming through. After a few minutes I realized it was the sound of the wind in the trees. I had come home. I was once more in the woods, alone under the night sky; thus began my conscious spiritual journey.

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Let’s take a vacation

When I think of a vacation my mind thinks about a week or two in some far away exotic place. Not necessarily so! When my body and/or spirit needs a break I can go somewhere close by and even familiar and find the relaxation that is needed.


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Jonah and atonement

On Yom Kippur(im) – the Jewish day of atonement that is observed today – the entire biblical book of Jonah is read, among other biblical readings.

Jonah is a prophet who attempts fleeing from his service to God not because he does not revere the heavenly God “who made both sea and land” but because he disagrees with God’s modus operandi of availing sinners – the whole huge city of Nineveh – with an opportunity to cease and desist from their wrongful ways and be spared from punishment.

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