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Some bread, some wine and a revolution

This hope is everywhere, and I believe it is alive in every human heart, like a small flame, just waiting to be fanned and let loose. The good news of the meal Jesus shared with a few friends is that this movement is for everyone, but it is going to take everyone as well.

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Young Spokanite seeks Buddhist ordination

Nathan Conover left Spokane with a full head of hair, a stubbly beard and a wardrobe common to most 23 years old.

Now, just more than a month later, he’s donning white robes and shaved head at Wat Marp Jan , a monastery in a Thailand forest, where he’s serving as a pakow (or anagarika) and preparing to for Buddhist ordination.

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A Pagan journey

I'm going to be starting a Pagan "journey" today.

This calls for exercise, a change in diet and a lot of meditation, to say the least.

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Orthodox Christians have reasons for repetition

In a baptism, we question, three times, “Do you unite yourself to Christ?” We bless both the person and the baptismal water in sets of three. We baptize, immersing the candidate three times in the water. We petition our Lord, and respond, “Lord, have mercy. Lord, have mercy. Lord, have mercy.”

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What really matters in life?

Jesus was not talking about love the way our culture tends to talk about love. This is not about a superficial, “feel good” kind of love. It is not about a short term, self centered kind of love that focuses on me, and mine. Jesus was not saying that what matters is that I am loved, or that I experience that warm fuzzy feeling that we often associate with love.

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