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Responding to tragedy with love

Hindsight is not 20/20. Unfortunately, we cannot control the actions or reactions of others — only our own.  And while this is not terribly comforting in times of tragedy, it becomes a challenge for how we choose to act as time goes on.

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How to avoid going crazy at Christmas

Life is busy. During the Christmas season, life tends to be WAY too busy. Add to that the reality of what I call Christmas craziness, and some of us might be headed for a nervous breakdown!

More than usual, at Christmas we tend to fill our lives with events, activities and duties that clutter up our hearts and minds.

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Practicing Compassion

Ven. Yeshe shares about compassion and empathy from the Dalai Lama's "An Open Heart" and she suggests that we do three acts of kindness today to practice compassion.

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Advent wreath & Luke

When I was a child, I felt so honored to be the person who walks down the aisle to light the Advent candles during the church service. I still have a fondness for the Advent wreath, and I have one at home.

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