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Where I turn when I’m feeling down

I do not necessarily turn to books when I’m feeling down. Most often I turn to music, the New Thought music of praising life or music that creates space for contemplation, and meditation through Native American flute music.

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What Generation None needs now

At some point in the last decade our society quietly morphed from a world of various religious dogmas to one where religion is becoming passé.

I shouldn’t be surprised by this.

I saw it coming several decades ago, but I didn’t really think that I would live to see it.

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Measuring God’s presence

Yesterday I passed a cemetery, which my toddler calls a park, and noticed a woman standing at the foot of a grave. Red flower topped the stone. With her hands folded in front, she stood half turned as if wanting to leave yet a longing made her unable. Later I pondered the nature of God’s presence...

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Rethinking repentance, recognizing the impact of human actions

A primary theme of our current liturgical season, Lent, is repentance. Unfortunately, we have come to think of repentance in a narrow way — as experiencing guilt and remorse for our mistakes. This is not what the word meant in the original Greek, and probably not what Jesus
meant when he used it in this context. Rather, in the original Greek, the word “repent” meant to go beyond the mind that you have.

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