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Making time for home

One place where I need to love more is my home life. This past quarter I have been very busy with school and work, which has forced me to be home a lot less and resulted in a few misunderstandings between my roommates and I.

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Honoring my heart and time

I have chosen to love, believe and respect who I am, in light of what God has said about me.

To allow myself to call abuse and abusers what they are in relationship to my experience of them.

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The Prodigal Son: God accepts what we turn away

In Luke 15 (1-3, 11-32) we find one of the better known stories in the New Testament, often referred to as the story of the prodigal son. Being familiar to most of us, we may tend to focus on the memorable parts of the story; often, the prodigal. Since what we focus on also determines what we miss, in this reflection I would like to focus on two details that are at times overlooked.

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