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Ask the Experts: Easter edition

In our inaugural edition of Ask the Experts, we tackled questions about the history, theology and traditions of Christmas. This time, we’re looking at Easter.
Special thanks to our readers for sending in such great questions, and to the scholars for taking time from their busy holiday schedules to answer them.

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Have your cake on Passover, and eat it too

With the Passover holiday coming up, there are several recipes anyone can use for desserts, whether it is after the Seder meal or during the Passover holiday. There are several cakes and cookies that can be made with the use of matzo meal instead of regular flour.

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For the love of feet (washing)

Children catch on the fastest.
Basins come out from behind pews, with stacks of towels and pitchers of warm water. We practice first; showing how to pour the water over toes and ankles and heels, then wrap the foot in a fresh, dry towel.

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